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Hybrid learning environment which combines the power of flexibility and on premise rigorous leaning.

The future is decentralized

Become part of the decentralized future by mastering blockchain technology stack. The demand for blockchain engineers has increased by 400% in the last six months.


Our Most comprehensive blockchain certification will give you the 360 degree knowledge of decentralized technology stack

Industry prepared and industry relevant upgraded content with focus on technology implementation experience. 

There are

14 JOB

openings for

every one

Blockchain Professional (TechCrunch)



demand is booming and the market is expected to grow at over 

60% per year.



User story based project 


Minimum frameworks


Deep dive challenges 


Rigorous phases to take you from novice to Blockchain ninja


Program Name: 


Estimated Effort:

Program Mode:

Start Date:

Pre - Requisite: 

Fullstack Blockchain Certification Program


8 - 10 Weeks


15th December 2018

JavaScript, HTML CSS and OOP concept understanding

or do the bridge program.

Programe Fee:        INR 50,000/-

program curriculum


  • Introduction to Javascript programming, HTML and CSS

  • Object orientation with Javascript

  • Introduction to Algorithmic thinking 

  • Understanding Software evolution and distributed computing 

​This phase can either be completed online or on premise.  The total work hours spend in pre-work would be 20 hours.

Participants with no programming background are recommended to do a longer 40 hour bridge phase.


Understanding Blockchain technology fundamentals and computer science underpinning are an absolute must to further learn to design, develop and deploy Blockchain applications. With this at the core of the program this phase lays emphasis on the foundational topics.

  • Fundamentals of cryptography and hashing  

  • Understanding blocks

  • Understanding consensus algorithms (POW, POS, POET, BFT) 

  • Merkle tree data structure 

  • Public and private Blockchains

  • Decentralized nature of Blockchain 

  • Bitcoin implementation 

This phase can either be completed online or on premise. The total work hours spend in pre-work would be 20 hours. 


In this phase the participants  will deep dive into the frameworks and master the skills  of building  smart contracts & Dapps and an end-to-end understanding of building enterprise Blockchain applications.

The participants can choose any two frameworks  form the most evolved of the four Blockchain frameworks 

  • Solid conceptual foundation 

  • 80 % time on hands on coding 

  • Periodic interactions with professionals from around the world working on blockchain 

  • Well defined quality standards based on minimum skills requirements 

  • Based on our proven Agile learning methodology 


  • Introduction to Ethereum and all Ethereum basic concepts 

  • Solidity programming concepts and building smart contracts 

  • Web3 and truffle for building Dapps


This framework is increasingly  gaining popularity and adoption within the BFSI industry. 

  • Understanding Corda design goals and architecture

  • Corda nodes

  • Corda states ands services 

  • Learning to install developer tools 

  • Understanding Corda transactions and transaction builders 

  • Node internals, CordaRPCOps and the ServiceHub
    API integration 

Hyperledger Fabric

  • Understanding Hyperledger Fabric project and its architecture 

  • Basics of Golang Language 

  • Building smart contracts and Chain code management 

  • Command line interface 

  • Understanding membership services 

  • Client development using Nodejs SDK

  • Working with tools - Composer, Kafka OS and Chaintool

Hyperledger Sawtooth 

  • Hyperledger Sawtooth Architecture

  • Installing Hyperledger Sawtooth

  • Sawtooth Administration

  • Hyperledger Sawtooth Sample Use Case Code Walkthrough

  • Working with Hyperledger Sawtooth SDK

Advanced Tracks 

  • Coming integration and implication of A.I, IOT and Blockchain 

  • Blockchain Security, Governance and Regulation aspects 

  • Architecting Blockchain solutions and Blockchain scalability 

Project Work

The project phase has to be completed within maximum of 3 weeks and the participants will have the option of both off premise and on premise work.  The project can be either done by one person or in a maximum group of 3.

You will closely work with the project guide & mentor and define the specification of the use case which can be indicatively from the following list or can be any other blockchain use case.

  • Clearing and settlement 

  • Trade finance

  • Supply chain management 

  • Identity management 

  • DAO’s

  • Health care 


iBlocklabs will provide fullstack Blockchain certificate along with transcript of all major assessments undertaken during the program along with the assessment of the portfolio project. This will ensure communication of program standards and validation of your much sought after Blockchain technology skills.

The certificate can be verified on the Ethereum platform. 

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