Inviting Applications for Full Fee Waiver Blockchain Engineer Program

SCHOLARSHIP EVENT ON 05th Jan 2019 (Mohali)

Get future ready for Blockchain Technology Career

As part of the launch of our fullstack Blockchain Engineer Program we are looking for Blockchain research interns who would be put through the fullstack bootcamp.


As part of the bootcamp they will be given the opportunity to work on real-world problems being solved using Blockchain technology stack.

Blockchain Research Internship

This research internship is being offered as a 100% program fee waiver.

There are three such positions available 

The research internship will last for 12 - 14 weeks and after that you will get the opportunity to showcase your skills and work to prospective employers, product incubator companies and even the investor community.

How to Qualify for the Scholarship

We start with "About you"

Attend our info session and tell us why do you want to become a software professional and what you feel will benefit you from the immersive fullstack bootcamp

Aptitude Check

Appear for an aptitude test been conducted on the day of the scholarship event. 

Mentor Interactions

Interview with our mentors. There would be a maximum of two rounds on the day of the test or the following day done remotely over skype or similar tool.


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